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Investing in Forestry & Reusable Containers is a Good Idea

"After all, sustainability means running the global environment - Earth Inc. - like a corporation: with depreciation, amortization and maintenance accounts. In other words, keeping the asset whole, rather than undermining your natural capital." -Maurice Strong, Founder of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

Investing in Forestry 

Forestry is a diverse asset class that has been attracting institutional investors and high net worth individuals for years. Forestry (or timberland) has attracted these groups in particular thanks to potential high returns and of course, a commitment to reducing greenhouse emissions globally.

According to Asia Plantation Group, trees and plants have many characteristics that lend themselves to an extremely wide range of uses, evidenced in the way communities throughout the world use wood and its by-products. As such, these natural and sustainable resources will be the most coveted products in tomorrow‘s global economy. 

Investors able to take advantage of a diverse, ethical and sustainable product range, says APG, will now be well placed to generate and enjoy long-term returns. Investing in Forestry offers:

  1. Tremendous Social and Environmental Benefits
  2. Secure and Predictable Yields in the Long-Term
  3. Minimal Connection to Other Asset Classes, Resists Inflation

Social & Environmental Benefits

  • One step closer to achieving net zero carbon emissions
  • Helps minimize the severity of climate change
  • Helps empower poor communities (forestry employs local communities in less fortunate areas)  
  • Supports reforestation and a green economy
  • Helps support corporations’ efforts to bring attention to environmental issues

Secure and Predictable Yields

  • Assets can sit unharvested during recurrent lows or price fluctuations
  • Solid growth markets for forestry product sales exist, India & China lead the pack
  • Australasia, Europe, and the United States forestry sectors wear the label “overbought,” so Latin America forestry now offers value 

Minimal Connection to Other Asset Classes, Resists Inflation

According to ecoForests, forestry is a “defensive commodity” so it usually outperforms when other risky assets decline. Further, because forestry is a commodity, it is also an excellent hedge against inflation.

Why Reusable Containers Are a Good Idea

reusable box

Reusable containers have a long life span in the first place, but once they succumb to the elements and fall into disrepair, they can be refurbished or reconditioned, extending their life that much further! Once the box is no longer needed and a company would like to discard it, the container can be easily disassembled for proper recycling.


Reusable containers are also a good idea because:

  • They are sturdier, so they resist damage
  • They help eliminate disposal costs
  • They help reduce labor costs 

Labor costs are reduced particularly on assembly lines where it takes longer to break down one-use containers and remove them {from assembly lines} than it does to take reusable containers off the line.

Any questions? Contact Valley Box to speak with a packaging specialist about our reusable boxes and containers and how they can help you save money—and the environment!



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