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Build Trade Show Cases You Can Be Proud Of

Trade show displays come in so many shapes, sizes, configurations and styles you’ll lose count.  Having so many types to choose from is actually a good thing in the competitive world of trade shows, but can become a challenge when it comes to finding the right transport and storage case for your display. This can be the case for even the smallest display, so if you have a very large display the task becomes even more difficult.

While you may have found the perfect off-the-rack case to help present your wares in the best light, experts suggest either modifying existing trade show cases or investing in a custom trade show case design created specifically for your display. A custom design can help address any unforeseen transport and storage issues, while protecting your display for years to come.

Continue reading to find out how the packaging experts at Valley Box Company helped one manufacturer create a case design that helped protect an astounding 4,000 lb. trade show display unit, while simplifying the removal process and protecting handlers.



An Industrial Manufacturer needed a new design for trade show cases used to transport a 4,000 lb. display unit. The unit had to resolve concerns regarding:

  • Safety & Ergonomics
  • Potential damage to the display
  • Removal of display by a single person
  • Re-crating of the display by a single person
  • Durable enough to last for years of repeated use


Valley Box engineers combined worked to create a solution that would meet the specific needs for this manufacturer.

trade show cases
  • A steel base & frame was combined with plywood for enhanced strength and durability from anticipated rough handling
  • Paint makes the case a longer-term solution by prolonging the life of the wood and preventing rusting on steel components.
  • The design included a hand crank to facilitate loading and unloading without the use of powered industrial equipment.
  • For safety the design featured two removable ramps with rail guides to keep the unit on the ramps as the operator used the hand crank.
  • A simple single locking transit bar, which prevents vertical, lateral, and longitudinal movement, was the only "tie down" the operator had to use. 
  • Casters on the trade show display were replaced to feature swivel locks, heavy-duty brakes, and rail-guide slots.
  • To prevent accidental mishandling, a detailed loading and unloading instruction manual stayed with the trade show cases.

trade show cases


yellow-trade-show-afterValley Box’s new and improved design for the trade show cases offered the following benefits:

  • Simplified Loading and Unloading
  • Reduced Safety Hazards
  • Easier Identification During Transit
  • Provided Electronic Instructions for Drayage Firms
  • Branded Paint and Powder Coat Color

The marketing department, who handled the display unit were “extremely pleased” with the new design and “the thought” that Valley Box's packaging experts put into it. 

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