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Collapsible Shipper Shrinks Shipping Costs!


Shipping an empty container certainly won’t cost more than sending a full one, but returning containers once they have been emptied is still a significant expense most businesses can do without. To shrink the costs associated with returning shipping containers why not consider collapsible shippers?

A collapsible shipper is any crate or container
that folds, disassembles or collapses.
This creates a flat package that may reduce
the size of the container by fifty percent or more.

An interesting but unfamiliar option years ago, shippers that disassemble are now a viable option for businesses seeking cost savings across the entire chain of container transport.

Because both weight and cubic dimensions help determine shipping costs, collapsible shippers can help businesses reduce return shipment costs by 10 percent or more. Download this case study to find out how a custom Valley Box crate reduced a package from 27 cubic feet to seven cubic feet—an overall reduction of 74 percent. This reduced return shipping costs by an impressive 18 percent.

An experienced packaging expert will evaluate your product's work flow and can recommend if a collapsible return shipper is a good solution for you. Take a look at all of the other awesome benefits these smart containers have to offer.

User friendly

Destination staff can easily collapse containers by hand. Plus they are easy to clean and prep for the next run, which helps reduces labor costs.

Optimizes storage space

Five or six disassembled shippers will usually occupy the same space as just one non-collapsible container. 


Crate shipping disassembled are less likely to be broken during transport. Besides being composed of durable materials that withstand impact, collapsible shippers lay flat, stack, and store easy, which reduces the opportunity for damage.

Freight Savings

A professional packaging engineer will design a fold-able shipper for your project that can help reduce overall cubic feet and save money on that return trip! Freight costs are not only based on payload, but cubic feet as well. 

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