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Crating Contractors: 10 Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing

crating foam insertsIf you have determined that you need the services of a Crating Company you'll need to define your specific needs so you can communicate them to the potential service provider.

You should clearly define your objectives before picking up the phone to start your search.

Define Specific Wooden Crate Needs

  1. What services or outsourced products do you need? ie. On-site pack, wood container, or barrier bag
  2. How many crates do you need built?
  3. When do you need them?
  4. What does it need to ship?
  5. How many finished products go into each wooden shipping crate?
  6. Do you have physical samples or drawings?
  7. Does your product require any special handling?
  8. What is your budget?
  9. What values are the most important to you when selecting a contract crating company? ie. Price, Quality, Customer Service, Lead Times, Flexibility, Value, Efficiency, Location, Trust
  10. What special services or requirements do you need from your crating vendor? ie. Documentation, Customer Service, Reporting, Physical Inventories, Warehousing, Direct Shipping, Quality Standards, Flexibility


Answering these questions before contacting a potential Crating Provider will allow for clear communication of your exact packaging needs. The wooden crate provider will be able to present you with several solutions and options for your specific challenge.

crating design

Valley Box suggests getting quotes from at least 3 different companies in order to identify the best solution for your product needs.

There is always an opportunity to improve upon your current crating design.  Valley Box can review your current wooden crate solution and provide cost comparisons of similar products or improve performance with re-designs.  

A review allows us to:

  • Evaluate your current wooden crate methods
  • Listen to your challenges
  • Document your current solutions
  • Understand your crating needs

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