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Crating Solutions: The History of Valley Box

Valley Box Company is a family owned and operated crating solutions business with its roots in the San Diego community for over 50 years!

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Valley box was founded in 1965 by Jim Eschwege after years of success in the San Diego real estate industry. Under Jim's ownership Valley Box served the local manufacturers, such as Pathway Bellows, US Bellows, and Lamco Incorporated. Valley Box accommodated many shipments utilizing San Diego Arizona and Eastern Railroad which was founded in 1906.

In 1986 after serving a term in the US Coast Guard, his son, Robert Eschwege bought the company and soon after grew it from making wood boxes to a complete line of transport crating and material handling & tooling solutions.

The third generation of the family is now following the family legacy and is involved in daily operations Alicia Guillette, Robert’s daughter, serves as Valley Box's President. Alicia has taken the company into the digital-age implementing a robust website and social presence, a state of the art enterprise resource management tool, quality programs and lean manufacturing practices.


Leaders in Custom Crating Solutions

crating solutionsFor other custom wood crating companies looking to be inspired in the world of specialty boxes and containers, Valley Box continues to be a historic leader in a wide variety of options that exist on the market.

Valley Box takes great pride in maintaining an educational gem of a blog, not only useful to educate customers about all the different aspects of Valley Box's crating capabilities but to inform the industry on best practices, work place productivity and quality they prove to deliver decade after decade.

Valley Box knows when a box is more than just a box. When you combine years of experience, with custom designed crating solutions, exact specifications to get the job done safely, correctly, efficiently and your over-all-cost being evaluated throughout the process, you know you are dealing with the experts in the industry.

crating solutionsOne frequent challenge Valley Box runs into is customers whose product is under packed. The crating solutions may appear to work fine initially but not everyone who handles a product may treat it in the same gentle manner as the owner or manufacturer.

The minute a careless forklift driver gets a hold of it, the lack of packing material becomes evident as the interaction leads to breakage.

Vice President, Robert Eschwege, warned that:

"Not all containers are created equal. People tend to over pack or under pack a product. They don’t understand that when it comes to cushioning and isolators you are trying to decelerate the product at a longer rate of time to reduce the impact. They put too much or not enough foam around it, and they might as well have just as packed it with bricks or not protected it at all, because they're not going to get the appropriate cushioning they need.”

Proven Quality

President, Alicia Guillette says:

“Wooden containers are the #1 packaging choice when durability, flexibility and performance are critical and are for loads from 700 lbs. up to 10,000 lbs.”

Since the business began in wood products, Valley Box knows the ins-and-outs of doing the project right from start to finish.

One example is the offering of paint treated wooden crates that are worth while for multiple reasons.

  • First of all paint adds ultra violet protection
  • paint increases the lifespan of the box
  • aids in color-coding and identification when being transported, stored or delivered.
  • Painted boxes have the added benefit of giving off a more branded appeal of the delivered product.

crating solutions

With time comes new demands and many customers are beginning to request wooden crates for their exporting needs, Valley Box participates in the ISPM-15 heat treatment program for certified wood crating. Eschwege suggested,

“One of the best things that has changed the box business is the USDA requirements for heat treated materials.”

crating solutions HT_stampRather than keeping two separate inventories of lumber; Valley Box only buys kiln dried lumber that is compliant with ISPM-15 requirements as well as working with Package Research Laboratory for its HT certification.

Package Research Laboratory regularly comes and inspects the facility to ensure compliance. Eschwege stated,

“A Package Research Laboratory inspector is here every month. They inspect the plant, materials and products. They are very strict, and we like that because they hold us to the standard.”

San Diego Custom Crating Solutions

While there a lot of companies out there that can produce wood crates for shipping, very few can match the wide array of boxes, containers and custom material handling & tooling solutions as Valley Box.

From wood to metal to plastics to corrugate to plywood to industrial vinyl, almost any material or design requirement, Valley Box can provide a customized crating solution.

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Valley Box demonstrates what is possible beyond just the typical wooden crate. This specialty crating manufacturer works with a wide variety of materials from wood to plastic, corrugated, metals and more. Discover how to take specialty crating to the next level.