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Custom Trade Show Box Simplifies Use and Increases Longevity


Trade show boxes come in all shapes and sizes, if your requirements are fairly simple a ready-made unit might work well for your display. However, when it comes to pulling off a successful exhibit — before, during and after the show, the smartest option for businesses with above average needs is a custom design.  A custom trade show box was precisely what an industrial manufacturer needed to transport a whopping 4,000-lb. display unit.

Valley Box was up to the challenge and created a solution that addressed the numerous challenges that came with this super-sized display. Safety, long term durability (years of repeated use), and an ergonomic one-person process for removal and re-crating. 

The Solution 

Valley Box engineers took a look at the existing trade show box and decided to reinforce the wood design by adding a steel structure. The new durable steel and wood design could better withstand years of repeated use compared to wood alone. The whole custom trade show box was painted to company's branded color and the company name stenciled on the side. Want to know a few other ways to make your custom trade show box stand out? Check out the Valley Box article "3 Tips to Make Your Trade Show Box Stand Out"


Valley Box engineers further suggested that the customer allow Valley Box to replace the existing casters on the display to a set of heavy-duty casters complete with brakes, swivel locks, and rail-guide slots. This modification allowed the use of two ramps, which when used in conjunction with the hand crank, a single operator could load the 4,000 pound display with ease. Once the display was cranked into place a single locking transit bar could be easily swung into place to completely secure the heavy display.



The ease of use was drastically improved from the previous design. The removable ramps were easy to set into place and rail's guided the unit on and off the ramps. The hand crank helped facilitate loading and unloading, by a single operator, without the use of powdered industrial equipment.

After cranking the 4,000 pound display inside, the only tie down requirements were reduced to a single locking transit bar. This one bar prevented vertical, lateral, and longitudinal movement. 

Valley Box even created an easy to follow step-by-step loading and unloading instruction manual which stayed inside the trade show box.  The instruction manual helped prevent accidental mishandling. 


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