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Discover How 3D Shipping Crate Design Lowers Prices

Valley Box Company, a Southern California shipping crate manufacturer uses SolidWorks® 3D design software in the package design process.

shipping crate solidworks design

Having SolidWorks® allows packaging engineers to take sophisticated shipping crate & steel packaging designs to the next level and simplifies the design process with the following:

  • 3D Animated Presentations
  • Interference Detection Technology
  • Reduced Number of Prototypes
  • Clear Communication on Long Distance Projects
  • Time Savings with a Simplified Design Process


shipping crate Package DesignSolidWorks® gives Valley Box packaging engineers a tool to accurately communicate complicated packaging designs to customers.

“It’s also an impressive presentation tool that can be easily understood by all involved decision makers,” says Alicia Guillette, President at Valley Box Company...

SolidWorks® 3D shipping crates and material handling fixtures can be animated to show the build process, and moving parts, or view each piece in detail.

This clearer communication streamlines the design process assuring both Valley Box –as the packaging provider– and the customer is satisfied with the final shipping crate design.

shipping crate being designed in solidworksComplex products require complex packaging designs for acceptable protection during shipment.“I like that we have the ability to strength test the package design, to identify potential weak points before it goes into production,” comments Guillette.

“The interference detection technology is also a great advantage because it ensures the part will work once it's built.”

Customers who design their products in a 3D environment will find that Valley Box can easily create packaging designs using the customer’s project files.

“This means we can work with long-distance clients because we know the customer’s measurements are accurate,” says Guillette.

“We can also send our customer the full 3D drawing so they can put it into their assembly to ensure proper fitment. Doing this helps to cut down on the number of prototypes and ensures fit before the package goes into production,” adds Guillette.

Watch one of Valley Box's Packaging Engineers speak about the addition of SolidWorks®

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