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How 'Not' Packing Crates Can Help You Live a Better Life

packing cratesWhen most people think of ways to make their life better they tend to focus on personal efforts and not how choices they make in the work environment can also affect overall well-being.

Employees are constantly bombarded with choices that can save their company money, time, and negative consequences. But which decisions will actually lead to a better life?

If you work for a manufacturer who requires products to be crated and shipped then listen up!

You put so much energy and resources into developing, producing, and selling your product. Often packing crates occurs in the final hours when the pressure is on to meet delivery deadlines. Deciding to have your product packed by a San Diego crating company can help alleviate stress and lead to a better life!

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Inner Strength

By hiring a San Diego crating company to pack your product you are ensuring that the inner job will be done right. Packaging experts know how to properly secure your product with methods varying from bolting the product to the base, using appropriate blocking and bracing, installing a vapor barrier bag & using an adequate amount of desiccant.


Having the experience to know which tools are needed when packing crates is critical to the timely completion of the job. Valley Box pack crews arrive at customer sites with fully loaded pack trucks with every conceivable tool and piece of hardware that will be required to complete the job.


Don't stress about making sure your staff properly tracks their time. By hiring a San Diego crating company you will have a clear view of the total packaging expense. Many companies pass these costs on to their customers as a part of the delivery fees. When a manufacturer opts to have internal employees perform the packing the actual cost can be lost. 


The most productive thing your staff can be doing is... what they do best! Having personnel who excel at machining metals switch gears to pack your product can be a poor use of their time. Keep your internal resources flowing and focus their energy on what they're experts at!

Safety doesn't put your crew at risk of using unfamiliar tools.


When packing crates yourself calculating the actual cost can involve more than just someone's time. It also includes the cost to dispose of materials left over after the pack. By hiring a San Diego crating company to perform the work you won't have to worry about those costs. Valley Box crews permanently remove waste generated during a pack job and leave the area they worked in neat and clean!


Don't fret about your product not being ready when the freight company arrives. By hiring a company to pack your crates you can relax with deadlines. If you've scheduled a pack job with Valley Box your product is guaranteed to be ready for shipping.


Valley Box packaging experts eat, sleep, and breathe packing crates! Since it's their primary job function they do it well and do it fast! Probably a lot faster than the guy you thinking about pulling off the assembly line to start on this project.


5 Things you should do before the packing crew arrives

  1. Make sure the product is available and ready to be crated.
  2. Have enough clearance around the product for packing crews to work. A good rule of thumb is to take the footprint of the base plus the height of the box around the part.
  3. Call the San Diego crating company the day before to confirm that you are ready to receive their crew.
  4. Have someone available from your team that can assist with a forklift, pallet jack, crane, etc.
  5. Communicate if there are sensitive or fragile areas of the product that cannot be used to support the part.

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