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Knock Down Crate Assembly Instructions


This post features a video showing tips & tricks for the successful assembly of a crate that is received in the knock-down form. 



kd_box2A knock-down wooden crate is a crate that has been disassembled and laid flat. Typically, this is done to reduce space requirements for storage or transport.

The top, sides, and ends are laid on top of the base and banded together. Panels can be reassembled by the end-user using nails or other fasteners. 

Topics: Wood

Alicia Guillette

Written by Alicia Guillette

Alicia Guillette, is now the third generation of family involved at Valley Box Company. Starting in 2006, she has taken Valley Box into the digital age by developing a new web presence, implementing enterprise resource management tools and expanding the product line to include material handling equipment.