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Valley Box Sustainable Packaging Practice; If the cost of repairing the containers is less than 50% of the cost of replacing them, then we recommend refurbishing. 



Some people see the word “refurbished” and immediately think the product in question is inferior to something new. 

This is so not true—especially when it comes to refurbished reusable containers!

A refurbished container can be restored to its original condition by simply replacing or repairing parts such as links, locks, and steel-reinforced corners. Even the wood on reusable containers can be replaced!

Refurbishing wood shipping crates involves the restoration of used crates to a functional and presentable state. The process typically includes repairing any damages or structural issues, sanding and refinishing the wood surfaces, and replacing any worn or broken hardware. Refurbishing can extend the lifespan of crates and reduce waste, making it a sustainable option for businesses that rely on shipping and receiving goods.

Shipping Crate Benefit


Refurbishing reusable shipping crates makes good business sense and helps your bottom line by extending the life of the box and maximizing investment. Every link lock or steel-reinforced corner can be replaced just like the wood and the container then performs just like it did when it was first built.

Refurbishing wood shipping crates can offer several benefits. Firstly, it can help to reduce waste and promote sustainability by extending the life of the crates instead of disposing of them. Secondly, it can save money by avoiding the need to purchase new crates, which can be costly. Finally, refurbished crates can be reinforced and repaired to ensure they are sturdy and secure, which can prevent damage to the goods they are transporting and reduce the risk of accidents during transportation.

Remember: When the repair cost is no more than half the cost
of replacing the shipping crate, we recommend refurbishing!

Since 1965, Valley Box has been a fixture in San Diego’s Packaging Industry.

Valley Box's strength is based on our ability to offer value by managing important "non-core" elements of our customer's production process, enabling them to focus their time, investment, and talent on their own manufacturing expertise.

We are a leading industry provider of high-quality crating solutions for over-size products, shock-resistant packaging for sensitive equipment, heat-treated export shipping crates, and effective moisture barrier-resistant packing and materials.

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