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Reusable Crates Save You Money

reusable-crates-with-hardwareReduce. Reuse. Recycle.

From preserving precious natural resources to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the 3 “R’s” of sustainability have had a dramatic impact on our planet.

Did you know that reducing, reusing, and recycling also saves both the customer and the manufacturer money? It’s true.

Even the smallest act of reducing, reusing, or recycling can result in savings on the packaging supplier’s overall costs and the customer’s cost to replace packaging.

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Reusable Crates

Future cost savings

Sure, purchasing high quality reusable crates may cost more upfront, but opting for a low quality item will inevitably cost you more in the long-term. It’s the same with anything that can be recycled—it will always save you more money down the line.

Valley Box offers a variety of sustainable reusable crates that will have a positive impact on your pocketbook and the planet.

Valley Box’s conscious, cost-cutting product collection includes:



reusable crates refurbished

Money-saving solutions and methods such as refurbishing can turn a standard wood box into packaging that can be used over and over again.

The result? Less time and money spent shopping for replacement packaging, less waste, and lower manufacturing costs.

So just how does Valley Box help accomplish all of this?

  • We use paint and linex® to extend the life of the box or packaging and to protect it from harsh weather conditions. 
  • We use features such as hardware and fasteners that can be easily upgraded to handle repeated access. Browse our gallery to learn more.
  • We also use protective steel weldments that can protect refurbished packaging from damage by everything from forklifts to shipping wear and tear.

Remember, these are just a few of our reusable crates options. Packaging solutions may vary with your specific product requirements.

To learn more and to get started saving, get a Valley Box reusable crates quote today!

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