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Solving for Last Minute & Emergency Wood Crate needs

Meeting last-minute and emergency wood crate needs can be a challenging task, with potential issues such as high costs and tight deadlines looming large. However, with careful planning and strategic collaboration with your crate vendor, these challenges can be mitigated effectively.

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Whether you're reordering a wood crate or introducing a new crating solution, understanding the key strategies to navigate these situations is crucial. In this blog post, we'll explore solutions for both scenarios, providing insights on forecasting, communication, and efficient collaboration with your crating solutions provider.

Reorder Strategies:

custom builtWhen reordering a wood crate, it's essential to proactively address potential challenges.

  • Start by providing a forecasted schedule to your vendor. Valley Box can reserve space on its production calendar to accommodate a customer's potential needs. This communication method can shorten lead times for customer dock dates.
  • Issue a blanket purchase order through your purchasing department. Gaining pre-approval for purchases can help expedite sending the order sent to your vendor. 
  • Consider a Vendor Maintained Inventory agreement for regularly ordered items. This is where the crating solutions vendor maintains an in-house inventory at the vendor's location. When the stock level deplete at the customer's location then the new crates are issued just-in-time.
  • In cases where forecasting is impossible, be prepared to pay expedited fees for overtime production to meet your last-minute timeline.

New Product Strategies:

3dIntroducing a new product involves additional considerations to ensure a smooth and timely wood crate production process.

  • Initiate a touch base call with all decision-makers involved in the shipment, rooting out mandatory design requirements from the start.
  • Be flexible on specifications calling out for name-brand items. If some items have long lead times then you must be prepared to prioritize sourcing shorter lead time items, even if it means compromising on price or quality, 
  • Address internal delays for funding requests by working with the vendor to develop a not-to-exceed value for the product, covering multiple design options.  This not-to-exceed value can be submitted to your purchasing department for approval while working on the design details with the crating solutions provider.


Effectively navigating last-minute and emergency wood crate needs requires a strategic approach tailored to your specific situation. Whether reordering an existing product or introducing a new one, collaboration with your crate vendor is key.

handshake VBCFrom forecasting schedules and issuing blanket purchase orders to addressing design requirements and compromising on certain elements for short lead times, these strategies can help you overcome challenges. By adopting a proactive mindset and maintaining open communication with your crating solutions provider, you can ensure a smoother process even in the face of tight deadlines and unforeseen circumstances.

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