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Steel Reinforced Packaging Solutions: More Than Just a Safe Bet

Steel is synonymous with strength, safety, and solid protection, which is why steel reinforced packaging solutions are often the preferred choice when it comes to shipping sensitive items and equipment. Besides offering superior security during shipping, steel is an easy material to work with. Fashioning steel reinforcements becomes even easier depending on the type of steel and the process used to shape and refine it.


All steel types are strong by nature, of course, but some are better suited for steel reinforced packaging. Check out this Youtube video from Tony Zapata AHMSA that simply explains the entire steel production process.

If you’re searching for a superior reinforced packaging solution for your next shipment, its best to consult an expert. Valley Box's packaging engineering team will help you decide which type of steel reinforced packaging is best for your project, but no matter which type you choose, you can count on the benefits listed below and several other advantages. Steel reinforced packaging solutions may:

  • Be less expensive than alternative molded shipping
  • Allow for simple installation of additional accessories such as custom saddles and tie downs
  • Offer easy removal by final destination personnel
  • Allow for unique length, size and shape requirements

For example, an aircraft systems manufacturer needed a special shipping container for two 26’ delicate wings. The length of the assembled wings exceeded the tensile allowances of the wood base, so an alternate reinforcement was required to prevent bending or bowing damage from rough handling or other risks. Additionally, the end destination had limited lifting capability. This meant that the container had to be opened and unloaded by hand.


The engineering team at Valley Box created a steel reinforced long box that consisted of a three-section lid with drop-down end and side panels. This reduced the lid removal handling weight, which allowed personnel to unpack the box without the use of machines.

The engineers integrated steel into the internal structure, which added shear support for the unique spanned-open-lid design and tie downs and custom saddles were installed to support the fragile wings during transport. All of these elements—including the trusty steel components, ensured that the wings would be well protected from beginning to end. 

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