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You already know the importance of taking the time to plan the most well-thought-out custom wood crate for your next shipping project. You’ve breathed life into a design that will support your product through the rough handling it faces in the journey ahead. But have you thought about what you can do to increase the life of the crate itself?

Imagine getting more uses out of that custom wood crate, more return on your investment, and your well-thought-out design.


Strength in Paint

While wood is an amazingly dynamic and versatile resource, if not properly protected, it does have a weakness. Over time, UV rays and moisture can create an undesirable environment that can promote decay and cellular breakdown which will degrade the structural integrity of the wood and the overall package. Stop wood decay before it starts!

Paint adds moisture and ultraviolet protection to any custom wood crate increasing its lifespan.


At Valley Box, we encourage customers to paint crates primarily for their incredible ability to increase the lifespan of the crate. Not to mention the wood crates look cool too adding a bit of heart & soul to plain wood boxes!

red trade show crate with steel plateEasily Identify

Painting your wood crate a bright color can aid in easier container identification or just adds some liveliness and vigor to your brand. Our motto is “Safeguard your new shipping crate, by adding a layer of protection with paint!”

Wood crates are incredibly functional and are the #1 packaging choice when durability, flexibility, and performance are critical. Interchangeable elements in the design configuration make wooden crates a versatile medium for both domestic and international shipments of 700 lbs up to 10,000 lbs.

Since 1964 Valley Box has specialized in manufacturing custom wood crates for unique, oversized, and delicate items. Since the beginning, with simple wooden containers, our product line has expanded to serve the needs of our diverse manufacturing customers.

We take the time to understand your payload so all items are properly and safely protected during transit. We pride ourselves on using superior building materials and hand-selecting each piece of wood to ensure the quality will match our performance expectations. We’ve also carefully crafted a set of mandatory design requirements and can confidently stand behind our product, knowing our crates are one of a kind, tough during transit, and durable enough to last for years.

custom wood crate Increase-lifespan-of-Crate-player

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