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Stop Paying To Ship Empty Space In Your Wood Crates

Shipping fees for several custom wood crates can add up quickly! If you ship products often, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Crates that aren’t packed efficiently lead to wasted empty space. Let’s be honest, wasted space might as well be wasted money. Want to cut back your costs? Start packing & shipping smarter!


Heard enough already?
Wood Crate

Start by evaluating the amount of empty (or “void space”) you have in your custom wood crates. If its a considerable amount then you may want to consider Valley Box’s solution… consolidation!

Valley Box can design a custom wood crate that minimizes the wasted internal space. Our packaging experts will evaluate your products packaging requirements and the frequency of shipments in order to develop cost saving ideas that can eliminate crates that aren’t packed efficiently.

Once we’ve eliminated crates with large amounts of void space we have successfully reduced the weight of unused excess wood materials and therefore reduced the amount of weight being paid for in freight fees.

Now that’s shipping smarter!

Custom wood crates are incredibly versatile and are the #1 packaging choice when durability, flexibility, and performance are critical. Interchangeable elements in the design configuration make wooden crates a versatile medium for both domestic and international shipments of 700 lbs up to 10,000 lbs.

Since 1964 Valley Box has specialized in manufacturing custom wooden crates for unique, oversize and delicate items. Since the beginning, with simple wooden containers, our product line has expanded to serve the needs of our diverse manufacturing customers.

We take the time to understand your payload so all items are properly and safely protected during transit. We pride ourselves on using superior building materials and hand-selecting each piece of wood to ensure the quality will match our performance expectations. We’ve also carefully crafted a set of mandatory design requirements and can confidently stand behind our product, knowing our crates are one of a kind, tough during transit and durable enough to last for years. 


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