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Trade Show Day of Do's and Don'ts

Let face it, the hardest part about attending a trade show, may be getting permission in the first place! So don't blow it by making your boss regret sending you by doing something that reflects poorly on the company.

Just in case you've forgotten trade show etiquette here's a list of trade show day-of do's and don'ts. After reading this you can continue impressing your boss and wowing attendees. Black_open_trade_show_box-436734-edited.jpg


ALWAYS: Have the exhibit set-up and staffed 10-minutes before the event start time.

ALWAYS: Memorize 2 short messages that spell out the benefits of your services or products. A little rusty? Make sure to practice your pitch.

ALWAYS: Dress for maximum effectiveness in terms of colors, image, etc.

ALWAYS: Wear comfortable shoes.

ALWAYS: Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

ALWAYS: Take breaks, but always staff the booth when attendees are walking by.

ALWAYS: Stand to greet visitors, smile, engage them with questions to get responses, reach out to visitors, welcome them to the event. 

ALWAYS: Be a good listener, this makes a good first impression.

ALWAYS: Recognize a mis-match and know when shake hands and to disengage a contact.


DO NOT: Eat food in booth during exhibit time – arrange to do it elsewhere.

DO NOT: Talk on cell phones to anyone – set cell phones to take messages and then if needed, make calls away from exhibit.

DO NOT: Sit while talking with visitors – stand accompanied by a welcome smile.

DO NOT:  Fold arms this can come across as defensive – use your hands to refer to items in your booth.

DO NOT: Let your friends gossip or take your time away from business visitors – arrange to meet later.

DO NOT: Pick up early and leave, stick with the scheduled time.

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