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Transporting Wooden Containers in Collapsed Position

wooden containers

Why is having collapsible wooden containers beneficial? The short answer is - it can save your business money! There are two areas that point to cost savings when it comes to reducing the bulky sized wooden containers.

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Wood Crate

Freight Savings

Freight is calculated by weight, dimensions and distance. By investing in a collapsible crate you can reduce the overall size of your shipment and save money on freight especially when shipping coast-to-coast.

Less Storage

Storage space in your warehouse used for wooden crates has a high value. If your wooden containers collapse they become smaller and stackable. This will allow your warehouse manager to store crates more efficiently within the same space he would use for an assembled wooden crate.

User friendly

Destination staff can easily collapse wooden crates by hand. Plus they are easy to clean and prep for the next run, which helps reduces labor costs.


Wooden crates shipping disassembled are less likely to be broken during transport. Besides being composed of durable materials that withstand impact, collapsible shippers lay flat, stack, and store easy, which reduces the opportunity for damage.

Valley Box manufactures collapsible wooden containers. The demonstration video below shows just how easy it can be for employees to take apart a collapsible wood crate.

Wooden Crate Manufactured by: Valley Box Company
Special thanks to: Blackhawk

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