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Using the Wrong Size Wooden Containers Can Cost You

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All major shipping companies base shipping costs on weight and dimensions. That means that extra interior space costs you more money. If you haven’t considered the real cost of wooden container design, it’s time to talk. Using the wrong package size with void fill can cost you in so many different ways, you’ll lose count.

You see, unused internal space can lead to an avalanche of additional costs such as:

  • Extra packaging is needed to fill that unused space inside
  • Labor for the extra time needed to properly package the product
  • Higher shipping fees for the extra cubic feet
  • Labor needed for assembling flat-pack boxes


The solution is simple.

Get the right size wooden containers for every product, every time.

wooden containers lower costs

One way to accomplish this is by steering clear of one-size-fits-all stock solutions. This rarely works for many manufacturers because their products are often unique. Custom size packaging design, such as wooden containers, is a solid option.

Try contacting a local company such as Valley Box, located in San Diego, CA, that has wood crate experts ready to discuss your product needs. They can quickly quote custom wood crate solutions for your product requirements. Go to your search engine and type in “wood crates [plus your zip code]” to find the nearest company that offers packaging manufacturing.

If you’re worried about having to pay top dollar for custom size packaging—don’t, and here’s why. Avoiding the wrong size package by opting for custom size packaging design will help:

  • Reduce shipping costs and dimensional changes
  • Minimize the use of internal support (blocking, bracing, foam, cushioning, loose fill)
  • Eliminate product damages due to package size
  • Decrease environmental impact
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Bulk Pricing on Packaging Design

wooden containers in warehouseNext, bulk pricing can help you save even more, so figure out your purchase quantities beforehand. Companies that offer wooden container manufacturing will be able to extend their best pricing when you're buying in larger quantities. 

Go Direct to Packaging Manufacturing

truck loaded with shipping cratesFinally, when you work directly with a company like Valley Box that offers wooden container manufacturing, you will likely avoid that 50% markup or more than many retailers use. This means you won’t end up paying double the amount of what your wood crates or other packaging are actually worth. How’s that for protecting your bottom line?

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