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Valley Box Supports the Local High School Sports Association

santanalogoValley Box is proud to support Sports Association at Santana High School who are enriching the lives of student athletes. The Sports Association mission is simple "to help High Schools throughout the country significantly supplement their athletic/activities budgets".

Organized sports are an essential tool for children to learn, grow, and prepare for life. Children, who probably don't yet realize the mental and physical discipline they'll endure with gritted teeth that, will be better prepared to become citizens and leaders of our communities.

High School is a proving ground fraught with all sorts of difficulties, from raging hormones and peer pressure to the searing uncertainty of a world that seldom offers our sons and daughters a clear or hopeful path into the future.

One only needs to turn on any of the dozen or so "all sports channels" for a moment to understand that the banner of winning at all cost is flying high. Winning is certainly more fun than losing, but the willingness and the ability to instill in young athletes the true value of simply doing their best under any circumstances is the rarest and most valuable lesson.

The legendary Vince Lombardi once said, "Winning isn't everything, but the will to win is everything." When a single student athlete is instilled with this principle then a positive impact is made to the team, their school, their community and our society. And ultimately isn't that the primary purpose of High School athletics?

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