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When a Manufacturer Should Plan for Wood Boxes

The best time to consider Package Design all depends on your type of manufacturing process and your specific product.

Before Manufacturing

wood boxes

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If your products are larger dimensionally and/or have varying assembly times, the best time to address your wood boxes should be prior to any manufacturing. 

Treat the packaging as part of the product rather than an afterthought.

If your product is moved, handled, or staged during production, it may be cost effective to incorporate the packaging into your process as a function of material handling.

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During Manufacturing

wood boxes

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If your products are manufactured in large quantities that roll off an assembly line, the time to address your wood boxes is during the production phase.

Since your products remain constant you can benefit from price breaks by buying packaging in bulk. This can include the internal as well as external packaging technology.

 After Manufacturing

wood boxes
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If you develop customized products with varying designs to meet customer requirements, packaging designs are best addressed once the product is completed as the product may undergo last minute modifications.

Open communication with your packaging vendor can help you avoid shipping delays due to package size errors. It may be cost effective to ship your product assembled in a single shipment or dis-assembled with few ancillary packages.

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