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Where to Buy Stock Corrugated Boxes


The ease of ordering stock corrugated boxes is so unbelievable we are now referring you to Uline!

Uline's prices and delivery options are out of this world, we just can't compete!

Get started! Click here to go to their website and search for the box size you're looking for. 

If you're looking for custom cardboard boxes perhaps a unique size or with color printing then we can help!

Custom Corrugated Size

For custom sizes you must have a minimum quantity of 50 and know there will be a base die-cut charge, for containers that require cutting dies to fold, of at least $150.00 

Custom Print options

For custom corrugated sizes with custom print artwork you must have a minimum quantity of 300 boxes and know there will be a base print plate fee of at least:

  • 1-color $250.00 
  • 2-color $450.00
  • 3-color $600.00
  • *note that print plate quotes are determined by artwork supplied by the customer. 


If your project meets our minimums give us a shout!

Click the button below to get your quote started!

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