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Wood Box Refurbishing Service: Out With the Old, In With the New

Ok, so we know how the saying really goes. “Out With the Old, In With the New,” right? But we're thinking about starting off this New Year's budget with some cost saving ideas. One tip is to consider giving your existing wood boxes a face lift instead of replacing them. 

A wood box refurbishing service makes good business sense and helps your bottom line by extending the life of the wood boxes and maximizing investment by using them over and over again.


When the repair cost is no more than half the cost of a brand new wood box, we recommend utilizing our refurbishing service!  Every piece of hardware, steel and plywood can be replaced so it performs just like it did when it was first built.

How's that for cutting costs? Valley Box offers a wood box refurbishing service. Contact us today to discuss your existing wood boxes. 

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