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Wood Box Styles for Reliable, Environmentally Friendly Shipping

Wood has been used for centuries to make everything from furniture, ships, and tools to buckets, barrels, boxes and crates. Some wood crates and boxes were used primarily for ornamental purposes and to store treasured items in the home, while others were used in the same way we use them today—for industrial-grade storage and shipping. 


Many packaging and shipping services prefer to use wood crates and boxes over other types of packaging because wood solutions are:

  • Strong on the outside. So they are durable and can withstand greater amounts of weight.
  • Strong on the inside. Through the use of internal wood structures like saddles, supports, and load bearing members
  • Reusable year after year. So you save money in the long-run.
  • Stackable. This helps create more space in small areas.
  • A Perfect Fit. They are so effective at handling your unique weight distribution and dimension that you’ll eliminate excess weight and bulk which saves you money upfront on freight.
  • Environmentally safe. Which sets a climate conscious standard.

Wood Packaging is Environmentally Safe

With recycling initiatives being implemented and in this age of being leaner, greener, and more efficient, some customers are interested in the environmental aspects that a wood box solution offers. Wood boxes are a "Green" choice for a number of reasons, they:

  • Are made from a renewable source...wood! Learn more about Sustainable forestry
  • Reduce green house gases. Learn more about how Wood stores carbon dioxide
  • Require smaller amounts of energy during the manufacturing process
  • Are highly recyclable

Wood Crate Upgrades

When discussing the package design with your vendor, addressing the specific needs of your company and the end user, along with your expectations for lifespan and durability is critical to designing the perfect package for your product. 

  • Increase Lifespan with Paint. An excellent backer for your brand because the design & color is uniquely yours
  • Increase Strength with Steel Components. Even sturdier and stronger than a standard wood box, so it can handle even greater mechanical stress
  • Reduce Damages by Customizing to your Part. You get to choose the best securement methods for you (ex. bracing, blocking, bolting, steel strapping, etc.)
  • Increase End User Accessibility. Take into account how the end user will access your part. Do they have the same tools and man power as your company or a unique situation? Lightweight split lids, ergonomic drop sides, and easy access latches and handles can be installed to offset any challenges by the end user. 

Wood Box Styles

Wood is cost effective and easy to customize. You can start with any wood box style and build from there. Visit Valley Box's Flickr gallery and explore the possibilities. Just a few wood box styles include:

  • Style A
  • Skid and Top
  • Standard Light to Medium Duty (payload up to 700 lbs.)
  • Heavy Duty  (payload up to 10,000 lbs.)
  • Mil-Spec crates (Learn more: What is Mil-Spec packaging?)
  • Reusable crates


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