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Wooden Crates Design Guide

large-wood-crate-panel-being-nailed.jpgFor a clearer understanding of the science of box design and construction, Valley Box Company created an easy guide with key design elements for wooden crates.

"When customers are receiving competitive packaging design quotes we don't expect them to be aware of all the options available on the market," comments Alicia Guillette, Vice President at Valley Box Company.

She adds, "This document is perfect for comparing apples to apples. It'll help customers make sure the quotes they're receiving contain the proper design elements to protect their product!"

She finishes by saying, "It shouldn't be about Price Point, it should be about Protection Point!"

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Wooden Crate Cheat Sheet

Design elements in wooden crates


Hardware & Upgrades

Valley Box can take ordinary wood boxes and add upgrades to extend the life of the box and turn it into a cost-effective reusable shipping box.

Wooden crates are fully customizable with components such as; hardware, handles, locking latches, protective steel, foam lining, ramps, and casters.

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Lid Styles

The style of the lid is important for accessibility and security of your product. Whether it is top or side loading, the variety of lid choices can facilitate the circumstance you or your customer are in.

Sides & Ends

These protect your product from any outside element that may damage it. Open Crate styles are ideal when shipping items bare or when full boxing is cost-prohibitive.

Deck Styles

It's very easy to choose a competitor's design based on price, but make sure you're buying a deck with the proper strength to hold your product.


Always consider the mobility of your container in order to reduce shipping damage. Skids allow you to move the container in whatever way is necessary.

Since 1965, Valley Box has been a fixture of San Diego’s Packaging Industry. We are a leading industry provider of high-quality crating solutions for over-size products, shock-resistant packaging for sensitive equipment, heat-treated export containers, and effective moisture barrier-resistant packing and materials.

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Valley Box demonstrates what is possible beyond just the typical wooden crate. This specialty crating manufacturer works with a wide variety of materials from wood to plastic, corrugated, metals and more. Discover how to take specialty crating to the next level.