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Wooden Shipping Crates: Cheaper is not better

wooden shipping crates

No matter what your business may be, there will come a time when a customer will object to prices and request it to be lowered.

While the idea of getting a trimmed down price can seem appealing, pulling critical materials out of the external package or internal cushioning can lead to a damaged product, which in the end will cost the business much more in replacement costs and unsatisfied customers.

Having a clear understanding what goes into the design and protection factors of a wooden shipping crate, helps you see the value and benefits associated with the cost. 


When it comes to wooden shipping crates design a lower price will typically be achieved by pulling materials out of the package, the very package that is designed to protect your product and ensure that it gets to the end-user in perfect condition.

Wooden shipping crate design must meet the needs

of the product

Valley Box prides itself on providing high quality wooden shipping crates, packaging and superior customer service. Valley Box takes the time to engineer a package to meet the actual needs of the product.

Our packaging designs are appropriately sized, shaped and utilize the best materials to survive the journey.

Successful cost savings ideas

  • Besides working with an expert packaging engineering team to ensure that products have a safe journey, and to eliminate unnecessary costs, packaging customers can opt for a long-term service contract to save money. Some of these contracts come with a reduced rate.
  • Customers may also consider ordering wooden shipping crates in smaller batches, if feasible. This will cost less (of course) and keep inventory lean, which has its own host of benefits such as increased floor and storage space

5 Packaging Design Tips

  1. Perform your due diligence by always getting at least 3 competitive quotes.
  2. When evaluating your wooden shipping crates costs weigh factors like; damage costs, packing labor costs, and re-usablity savings.
  3. Communicate successful and damaged shipments for review (with damage claims it’s helpful to supply pictures of packaged products).
  4. Evaluate packaging manufacturers not only on their price but their quality, efficiency and level of customer service.
  5. Perform drop tests to assure the packaging isn't over/under designed

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