What is a crate manufacturer?

Valley Box is a crate manufacturer located in San Diego California and specializes in wood and steel crates for large manufacturers.

Knowing what it takes to create shipping crates that are strong, stable, and sustainable is the key to success when it comes to budgets and your product's safety during transit.

Thinking Ahead

When you’re considering any crate manufacturer, being proactive should be your top priority. 

Fortunately, there is an easy way to stay several steps ahead. Before jumping into business with a crate manufacturer, you’ll need to consider a few things.

Knowing ahead what is critical to your upcoming project will help your business foresee problems before they start.

What To Consider

Quoting Process: Most companies who offer shipping crate manufacturing should be able to provide you with a free quote to package your product. 

Lead Time: Knowing the shipping crate provider’s lead time can help you to calculate the latest possible moment you can submit a purchase order and get your packaging in time to meet your shipping deadlines.

Deadlines: Asking for a commitment upfront for timely deliveries will communicate to the vendor that you'll be evaluating their delivery performance.

Guarantee: This will help you to determine if the packaging company is willing to stand behind its packaging design and construction.
Download Valley Box's Guarantee

Certifications: Some customer contracts dictate that vendors must have certain certifications. Packaging manufacturers should be able to quickly tell you what certifications they have.

Years In Business: The crate manufacturers' years in business will help you understand the depth of their knowledge and involvement in the industry.

Capability Statement: A capability statement should define precisely what the company is offering, problems they can solve, and what benefits they bring to a prospective client.

Packaging Range: This will help you to gauge the packaging provider’s capabilities. Do they specialize in one type of packaging, for instance, die-cut corrugated or heavy-duty wooden crates?