What is crate packing?


Crate packing is key for your company to protect its products inside a shipping crate. Typically parts are secured inside the crate using some form of tie-downs, saddles, foam inserts, or blocking and bracing.

By working with Valley Box you can rest easy knowing that your crate packing provider has your best interests in mind and your shipment will arrive on time and unscathed.

Blocking & Bracing


Your crating manufacturer can protect your product against damage from vibrations & impact by customizing the internal components to maximize safety when crate packing.

Blocking and bracing is a technique used to secure a part inside the packing crate, a screw or nail is placed in pieces of lumber to place around the part. This will reinforce the part's position in the crate and also helps to support the integrity of the crate from the inside out.

Tie Downs


Tie-down devices or ratchet straps hold your product in-place and can easily be integrated into the wooden crates with the addition of tie-down rings secured to the base.

Tie-downs work particularly well in conjunction with saddles & foam!




Rest your product on a saddle!

Custom-made wood and steel saddle components connect directly to the container's base and support your product's payload during shipment.

Often packing crate saddles can be lined with other shock-absorbing or anti-abrasion materials such as rubber, foam, or carpet!

Custom Foam Inserts


Valley Box can create custom foam inserts designed specifically to fit the profile of customer's parts. 

Cushioning from materials such as foam can be attached directly to the wooden packing crates and prevent damage during transit such as:

  • Abrasion
  • Vibration
  • and Shock