What are Crate Services?

Whether on-site or at our Santee location, one of our crate services experts has the knowledge & experience to properly and safely pack your product with blocking & bracing techniques

We believe in providing the best crate services.

Our staff makes sure: 

  • Paperwork is correct
  • Deliveries are on time 
  • Communication with the customer is timely and accurate.


Free Quotes for Crate Services

Our crate services experts visit your San Diego location, free of charge, to evaluate your packaging requirements.

Our team always takes the time to fully understand your needs to create a custom wood crate solution.

We continually impress our valued and loyal customers with our fast measuring and crate services quoting. 



Inspection Services

We take pride in the quality of work. Our crate services include inspection of every item before it's delivered to you to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

You can depend on Valley Box to meet your deadline, every time.



JIT (Just In Time)

JIT or just in time is a production and inventory control system in which units are produced only as needed to meet actual customer demand.

When JIT programs are evaluated often companies will find that by keeping lower stock holdings mean a reduction in storage space allowing areas previously used to store inventories to be used for other more productive uses.

Just in time

Vendor Maintained Inventory (VMI)

VMI services are perfect for customers with reoccurring orders. Our crating experts can help identify proper min/max levels at both the customer location and stored at Valley Box.

VMI ensures same-day or next-day delivery on quantity requirements, allowing customers to use their valuable space for manufacturing products instead of storing wood crates!



Proof Load Testing


Valley Box can perform proof load tests on crates. 

A proof load test is a process that requires the lift of a the crate or a part of the package pre-loaded with a specific weight.

With the lift, the system is able to measure the load capacity of the package. 



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