What are custom shipping crates?

Custom shipping crates are the protective packaging around manufactured goods that ship via some form of transportation be it plane, train, truck, or boat!

The shipping industry is filled with wooden crates designed to protect a product as it travels from point A to point B.

The trick is to evaluate which shipping method will be used; open bed truck, enclosed trailer, rail car, or steel container and to ensure a custom shipping crate design that will fit within the limitations of the forms of transportation.

Get in the "Shipping" Perspective

Valley Box takes into account ease-of-handling from the freight company’s perspective by including a variety of shipper-specific design element, such as;

  • Chamfered skids so the box can be pushed around with the forklift and maneuvered easily

  • Four-way forklift entry so forklift operators can pick up from either direction

Superior Shipper-Specific Designs

Valley Box can upgrade any custom shipping crates to cater to the freight forwarders needs:

  • Steel reinforced forklift pockets to anticipate rough handling during transit

  • Specific tie-down locations or provisions

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Custom Vibration Solutions

Custom vibration accommodations such as;

  • Foam & plywood style floating deck

  • Steel rope isolators

  • Springs

  • Skid Mates