What are custom wood shipping crates?

Custom wood shipping crates are the exterior wood packaging surrounding a product that ships via some form of transportation be it plane, train, truck, or boat!

When you only need to ship a part from point A to point B then an economically built custom wood shipping crate can be an inexpensive solution to your shipping needs. 

The trick is to evaluate which shipping method will be used; open bed truck, enclosed trailer, rail car, or steel container and to ensure shipping crate design that will fit within the limitations of the forms of transportation.

Fragile Item Accommodations

Many fragile equipment accommodations can be successfully implemented with just a use of wood, such as;

  • Custom wood saddles can be custom shaped to be to your parts exact form

  • Wood blocking and bracing

  • Wood dividers and shelves can organize your delicate parts being delivered


Take the "Shipping" Perspective

Valley Box takes into account ease-of-handling from the freight company’s perspective by including a variety of shipper-specific design element, such as;

  • Chamfered skids so the box can be pushed around with the forklift and maneuvered easily

  • Four-way forklift entry so forklift operators can pick up from either direction

Environment-Friendly Solution

Building custom wood shipping crates can have many beneficial environmental impacts. Did you know compared to wood:

  • Concrete requires 2.5 times more fossil fuel to be produced
  • Steel requires 4.9 times more fossil fuel to be produced
  • Recycled Aluminum emits 9.4 times more net carbon emissions to be produced

Valley Box incorporates sustainable business practices into our operations by recycling all wood scrap. Wood scrap becomes wood mulch, which protects bare soil.