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When to Outsource your Packaging Needs

By focusing on the "non-core" elements of customers' production process, Valley Box enables them to focus their time, investment and talent on their own manufacturing expertise. Outsourcing packaging is more than just an easy way to cut costs. It's a strategic tool that gives businesses flexibility and access to skilled personnel.

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By outsourcing packaging needs companies can potentially:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Boost Revenue
  • Have Access to Expertise
  • Have Access to Specialty Machinery
  • Focus on Core Business
  • Decrease Time-to-Market
  • Maximize Resources
  • Have Greater Flexibility
  • Avoid In-House Labor Shortages

When To Outsource Your Packaging Needs

  • Your packaging volume under or over employs your own packaging lines, either short or long term.
  • There's a specific, short-term requirement that may be better served by specific packaging experience or equipment you don't have.
  • There's a short run for a new product test which may require the investment in new equipment.
  • The product requires special machinery or labor intensive work.
  • The pressure of new business or deadlines creates a heavy, short-term workload for which you require experienced help to supplement the efforts of in-house staff.
  • A product may be more economically shipped in bulk than per unit.
  • New packaging methods & equipment are unfamiliar to staff.
  • There is no available in-house equipment or expertise for a particular job.
  • The plant is closing for maintenance or faced with a labor availability problem.
  • There's a warehouse full of a product that needs reworking to make it salable.
  • The company is faced with a high investment to meet regulatory and environmental compliance.

However, there may be times when it may be premature to talk to a contract packager…

  • The need is unclear or at least not clearly stated.
  • The problem can be more effectively and efficiently addressed using other methods.
  • Are relying on the contract packager to salvage a project that is suspected as no longer salvageable.
  • The company is not organizationally or financially prepared to implement the contract packager's suggestions.

If you've determined that you need the services of a contract packager you'll need to define your specific packaging needs so you can communicate them to a potential service provider. Give Valley Box Company a call to get the Packaging Review process started.

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