Material Handling & Tooling Equipment For your Assembly Line

by Valley Box Company on Fri, Sep 2, 2016

A large area of development for Valley Box has been specialty material handling & tooling fixtures. These products are used in the manufacturing industry and assembly line processes for a wide variety of industries. President, Bob Eschwege, explained,

“We saw that customers were in need of custom solutions in regards to moving their materials within their assembly line.”

Valley Box has taken the challenge head on and has worked to develop a number of unique designs to assist in the manufacturing process.


Introducing material handling & tooling solutions early in the assembly line is in the best interest of the manufacturer. The fixtures assist in the production process making the assembly line more efficient in terms of handling and reducing material storage requirements within the customer's facility.

These benefit filled tooling fixtures provide materials handling solutions to:

  • Improve work flow
  • Shorten production time
  • Help eliminate parts collection downtime
  • Free up skilled labor for other activities
  • and Clear factory floor space.


From storage carts to work stands, Valley Box has developed custom solutions for a wide variety of industries; aircraft manufacturing, aerospace components, biotech applications, energy generation and more. 

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