Industrial carts are used to move material from one location to another for instance between workplaces, between a loading dock and a storage area. 

Valley Box can manufacture custom industrial carts in a variety of designs and sizes for manufacturer's specific uses.

Whether you need custom industrial carts with open shelving, utility cart with drawers, or a customized configuration that is part specific, we have you covered!

Material Handling Carts

Material handling carts from Valley Box help you keep your workplace efficient and productive.

The options are endless...

What length and width are you looking for? How much weight should it be able to support and transfer?

Answering these questions at the beginning of the design process will help you decide on the right product for your needs.

RFQ Material Handling

Transport Cart

A quality custom transport cart can offer your company more efficiency and simplified mobility which has become necessary in todays manufacturing practices.

Transport Carts can come with custom drawer sizing, specific angled shelves and height adjustability.

Service Cart

Customized service carts make small items or tools more easily transportable and accessible for your employees.

By adding shelves you can allow for additional storage space and organization. These types of carts are great for usage in your warehouse, assembly line or job site.

Panel Cart

Finding a specific custom panel cart that's needed for you business is an efficient idea, it’s just a matter of knowing what you need!

Custom panel carts are instrumental in helping move large flat objects and other large items around the workplace, they consist of a low platform with vertical railing making it easy for the user to load & transfer materials.