Work positioners are usually used to improve manual handling of parts at a single work station.

This type of equipment is used to handle material, in the correct position, at a single location for the subsequent assembly, machining, transport, or storage or parts.
Valley Box's custom fabrication department can accommodate your needs and requirements by developing custom work positioner lifts 
for your operation's specific task.

Work Positioner Lifts

Custom work positioner lifts contribute to reduced strain and overexertion of your employees by adjusting & positioning the work load at the appropriate height preferred by the operator.

These positioners can be easily mobilized with wheels making it simple for the user to move their work around the facility as needed.

Custom Work Positioning Lifts

By evaluating your assembly process you can identify particular activities on the factory floor where work positioning lifts, built to your custom requirements, can help employees concentrate their effort on the highest-value production activities.

Doing so will optimize return on; skilled employee labor, factory-floor square footage and expediting finished product output. 

Work positioners can prove cost effective in areas such as safety and factory throughput time-savings... a definite value added to your production line operation!