Incorporating custom lift tables into your facility can expedite and simplify your process of assembly operations.

These systems are often a combination of products integrated to one system. For instance, a custom lift table would very commonly be used to hold or adjust positions of heavy materials at an ergonomically adjustable position creating easy access for assembly or to cohesively work in conjunction with machinery.

Ergonomic Lift Table

Ergonomic lift tables aid in reducing back fatigue and other employee injuries. By providing a safe way for a single operator to transport, lift and position heavy loads without injury, your company has immediate increased employee productivity thereby saving you money long term.

Your assembly line is the life blood of your facility. It's where you receive shipments, store your products and ship orders. It's home to the most precious things in your organization: your product and your people. So it's vital that your work space be as safe as possible to ensure that nothing happens to either one.

Valley Box has several safety ergonomic solutions to fit many manufacturing processes.

Work Positioning Lift Table

Work positioning tables provide an efficient way for a stand alone operator to transport, lift and position heavy loads without assistance.

Work positioning tables are ideal for use in warehouses, manufacturing, assembly lines as well as shipping and receiving areas.

Valley Box specializes in developing efficient custom materials handling lift table solutions to fit many manufacturing processes.

Find out how we can help improve the effectiveness of your employee assembly line practices and overall facilities efficiency.

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