You can rely on Valley Box's expertise to design and build any custom industrial racks that are needed within your facility.

Many industrial racks are referred to as "catalog" items because they generally have globally accepted standards and are often sold as stock materials out of custom materials handling catalogs.
However, custom solution requirements do arise often in manufacturing facilities.
Below are some examples of our custom build capabilities!

Custom Assembly Rack

Valley Box has experience designing and building custom assembly racks needed within your facility.

We work side-by-side with you to engineer the perfect solution to your manufacturing challenges. We follow a thorough analytical process of reviewing your needs, suggesting our solution and then designing a custom assembly rack right for your facility, no matter how basic or complicated your requirements.

Industrial Equipment Storage Systems

Industrial equipment storage systems can give you the confidence to face facility material handling equipment and storage inefficiencies head on, while also saving valuable floor space and reducing inventory man hours.

Operation space in any manufacturing facility always comes at a very premium cost. Valley Box uses our experienced engineering team to develop a multitude of creative design approaches to solve the most unique industrial equipment storage systems challenges.

RFQ Material Handling