Wooden Containers

Wooden crates are the #1 packaging choice when durability, flexibility and performance are critical.
For both domestic and international shipments of
700 lbs up to 10,000 lbs.

Interchangeable elements in the design configuration make
wooden crates a versatile medium. Features range from:


Wood Crate
  • three wood crates
  • low profile wood crate for transit
  • wood crates banded in knock down form
  • wood crate with ramps

Open Slat
Wooden Containers

An open slat wooden crate is ideal when shipping items bare or when full boxing is cost prohibitive.


The crate-designed shipper can provide exterior protection along with vertical protection when stacking is a concern.


The crate is also lighter than an enclosed box potentially lowering your overall packaging and shipping cost.

Wood Crate

Heavy Duty
Wooden Containers

Heavy duty wooden shipping boxes have specially designed bases to handle heavy or large loads starting around 1,000 lbs depending on the type of payload.


Creative package design additions assure your shipment is easy to access during over seas inspections. Examples include:

Wood Crate
  • heavy duty deck on a wooden crate
  • deck of wooden crate with carpet lining
  • steel deck with isolators missing wood crate exterior
  • steel base missing huge wooden container exterior
  • internal steel base missing the wood crate exterior
  • top box attached with link locks to wood crate deck
  • deck of a wood crate designed for 4-way forklift entry
  • painted wooden crate deck
  • double stacked chamferred skids on a wood crate
  • wooden crate top box attached to steel base

Base Configurations for
Wood Crates

The most complex part of a wood box tends to be the base! 

A variety of custom engineered bases are available, depending on your product's needs: 


  • Special skid configurations
  • Plywood & dimensional lumber bases
  • Steel reinforced bases
  • Complex tie-down applications
  • Custom saddle components


  • wooden containers stacked for knock down shipment
  • wooden crate sides and ends banded for delivery
  • illustration of wood crate in knock down position
  • wooden containers collapsed for shipment
  • wooden crates stacked and banded for transit

Knock Down
Wooden Crates

A knock down wood crate (aka "kitted" or "KD")  can be shipped and stored more economically because it takes up less space. 


KD crates contain the base and fully constructed panels; all banded together for safe handling, ready for final assembly. Almost any wooden shipping box can be delivered with a KD design.


Our on-site packaging crew can easily assemble a knock down boxes at your location.

Wood Crate
  • 40 Yard Dumpster SWPPP Solution
  • Wood spool for coil
  • Heavy Duty wood crate Pallets
  • Adjustable pallet for wooden container

Specialty & Misc
Wooden Shipping Box

Wood is a highly versatile building medium. Many manufacturers find that constructing packaging, material handling, and storage solutions out of wood is a cost effective method to solving industrial challenges.

We make manufacturing solutions for customers using wood and steel with our material handling equipment. These designs are used to solve unique business challenges. Do you have a problem that needs to get solved with outside-the-box thinking?
Get in touch today!

Material Handling

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