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4 Things Your Trade Show Boxes Need

Organizing and hosting a trade show can be exciting and exhausting all at once. But did you know that you can alleviate some of that exhaustion if you just start (and end) on the right foot? The best way to start and end your trade show run with a bang is to choose the right shipping crate. Not only will the right trade show boxes offer immediate benefits such as quick identification, easy open and close, and optimal protection for your booth, it will continue to work for you year after year.

Get started on the right foot by downloading the Valley Box Packaging Buyer's guide "4 Things Your Trade Show Crates Need"

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Follow Valley Box Company's four tips below to make sure your trade show boxes is the best fit for your booth!

1. Customize the trade show boxes

Trade Show Boxes

Because your trade show booth is unique, you need a custom design tailored to your specific booth dimensions. The design should also include internal and external technology to accommodate your individual needs. This helps eliminate issues such as difficulty packing and unpacking and damages to parts.

2. Add Special Features that Save Time

Trade Show BoxesWhen you choose a packaging specialist like Valley Box Company, you can expect trade show boxes that are easy to identify thanks to paint and stencils that create clear communications. Being able to identify your crate helps eliminate confusion and save precious time.

In addition, Valley Box’s easy open feature offers quick and easy manual access. This keeps the set-up process running quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

3. Don’t Settle for Anything Less than Durable

Trade Show Boxes

Sure, some parts of your trade show booth may resist damage, but others may be very fragile. Trade show shipping crates by Valley Box can be manufactured with foam, carpet lined surfaces, metal edged corners, casters, ramps, and pedestals, which are designed to protect your entire booth and all parts. After you've invested so much into a booth and display items you want them to last! Often times trade show displays are used for several years before a new booth is designed. 

4. Choose Quality Materials

Trade Show BoxesA trade show crate that will stand the test of time starts with high quality materials. Valley Box uses only the most durable materials in manufacturing our shipping solutions, so Valley Box shipping crates are built to last so you can reuse them year after year. And with a refurbishing program your trade show shipping crate can be repaired or modified to incorporate new trade show display items. 

See an example of how Valley Box redesigned an existing trade show boxes to impove safety, durability and access. Click here

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