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5 Reusable Shipping Crates Every Manufacturer Needs

Does your business deal with parts that require transit between manufacturing facilities for subassembly? If so, your business can benefit from a reusable shipping crate solution.

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While the initial investment in a reusable shipping crate may be more than purchasing a limited or one-time-use crate, the long-term savings make good financial sense for companies with a sharp eye on the bottom line and environmental responsibility.

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In a nutshell, reusable shipping crates:

  • Lower inventory costs
  • Lower labor costs
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Minimize waste
  • Decrease product damage costs
  • Decrease workers’ compensation claims


To enjoy these benefits (and many others) you can start by choosing the right reusable shipping crates for your shipping, storage, and material handling needs. Fortunately, reusable shipping crates come in all shapes and sizes and you can even have them custom-made based on everything from the size and shape of the product to the mode of transport.

Take a look at some of the most popular types of reusable shipping crates.

The Storage Wood Crate...

reusable shipping crates storage used by manufacturers who need to store partially finished or completed parts for a period of time before final assembly, sale, or display. Water-resistant solutions such as a slip lid, tongue, groove, water sealing paint, or linex can be used to extend the life of the crate and protect products from harsh weather conditions.

The Parts Handling Crate...

reusable shipping crates parts handling often used for parts requiring transit for sub-assembly prior to shipping. Evaluate your production line, assembly, and shipping of your product. Do you see an opportunity to streamline your material handling, crating, and shipping procedures? Take advantage of Valley Box Company's offer for a free quote where a trained field technician will conduct a complete assessment of your product and offer reusable shipping crate solutions!

The Returnable Wood Crate...

reusable shipping crates returnable often used when a company has parts that require transit between separate manufacturing locations for sub-assembly, or transit to customers for part returns/repairs. Upgraded fasteners and hardware can make the container easier for repeated access and even collapsible for the return shipment. Steel protection will prevent damage from forklift tines and shipping wear and tear.

The Thermo Formed Crate...

reusable shipping crates thermo formed

...consist of plastic sheets that have been heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a precise shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a functional product. These containers are lighter weight than their wood counterparts and can be designed with complex interior storage configurations to support and protect multiple parts in a kit-like unit. Many features can be added such as breather valves, handles, locking latches, and gasket-reinforced water-tight lids.

The Sensitive Instrument Case...

reusable shipping crates typically designed to protect objects such as delicate measurement instruments or calibrated tooling.

Other uses include display, organization, and presentation. Wooden cases can be outfitted with custom interiors fabricated from wood, plastic, fabric, and foam.


No matter what type of reusable shipping crate you need, you can be sure that Valley Box is a leader in the art of reusable shipping crates. Over the years we’ve carefully crafted a set of mandatory design requirements and each piece of material is hand-selected to ensure its quality will match our performance expectations.

We stand behind our design choices and therefore our product. Each crate is custom-made to accommodate your company's individual crating needs. 

You will find our crates are one-of-a-kind, tough and durable. 

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