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Best Custom Foam Inserts for Fragile Parts

custom foam inserts

From triplewall boxes to custom wooden crates, the crating industry offers an abundance of effective products that provide excellent protection for your fragile parts.

Our custom foam inserts can help protect your fragile parts against handling and shipping damage that can occur in transit, whether you’re shipping by air, land, or sea. They also offer protection against damages that can occur when boxes are moved or jostled while in storage.


While there are many cutting-edge products in the market today, it might take a little legwork to find the best solution for your specific fragile part. One of the main things to consider is in most cases there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Often, multiple solutions will be used together to adequately protect your fragile part from damage.

The best custom foam inserts are designed to meet your needs.

custom foam inserts

You'll want to work closely with your crating manufacturer to discuss the fragility of your part. Make sure to discuss things such as:

  • Where the part can be contacted to secure during shipment
  • What method of transportation you will be using
  • How do you expect the crate to be handled during loading/unloading
  • Will you have stacking requirements

Even the most heavy-duty wooden container will need a little something extra, as a sturdy exterior might not be enough to prevent products and parts from shifting, vibrating, and experiencing other movements while in transit or being stored.

custom foam inserts

Valley Box offers a wide variety of wooden crates and custom foam inserts for your fragile shipping needs. The following are just a few extras you can use to help secure fragile parts in wood containers:

  • Dividers
  • Poly Cushioning
  • Saddles
  • Neoprene

If you plan on crating a large number of the same product consider having a drop test performed to eliminate risks of failure leading to damages. The International Safe Transit Association, or the ISTA, has four basic categories of hazards that may occur during distribution; shock, vibration, compression, and atmospheric. Each hazard category has major test categories associated with it and there are 13 associated test types.

To learn more about the wood crate design process check out Valley Box's series San Diego Crating Expert: Transport & Handling. In this episode, we cover causes, identification, and elimination of damage. Additionally, we present a case study where we show step-by-step how the culprit of "hidden damage" was revealed.

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