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10 Ways Reusable Boxes are Earth Friendly Products

Recycling is on the rise across America and businesses are more environmentally conscious than ever before. Examples of America’s efforts to save the environment can be seen everywhere. According to the EPA, the recycling rate rose to 34.1% in 2010 and states such as California and Florida passed a law to recycle a staggering 75% of waste by 2020. Other states are on board as well. In fact, Oregon was already recycling 50% of its waste in 2010.

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While the physical act of recycling is definitely a growing trend, so is the act of creating earth friendly products such as reusable boxes and containers. Valley Box's sustainable solutions are not only great for the environment, but they also equal value. From our engineered designs to our manufacturing and packaging management services, we provide sustainable value in at least 10 distinct ways:

  1. We foster “green” practices that result in lower overall costs and greater sustainability.
  2. We offer 100% post-consumer recycled corrugated boxes.
  3. We have a customized refurbishing program so packaging can be inspected, repaired and reused where applicable.
  4. We preserve forests by using engineered wood that is manufactured specifically for industrial use.
  5. Our engineers design reusable packaging resulting in savings associated with the increased life of our product.
  6. We provide our customers the flexibility to quickly and cost effectively adapt packaging solutions to their product design changes.
  7. Our engineers find and fix problems before they cost you money, with the help of full CAD design and other tools.
  8. We manage returnable programs and provide metrics to our customers proving sustainable cost savings.
  9. We reuse all possible packaging in our production processes to minimize waste and disposal costs.
  10. We recycle all wood and metal scrap, which reduces the amount of waste entering landfills.

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Drive around any bustling city, and even some small towns, and you will likely come across a neat container store or a variety of eye-catching, eco-friendly box stores. Even small businesses from bakeries to boutiques have hopped on the bandwagon by promoting their own reusable bags and packaging.

Valley Box is a longtime member of this growing group of businesses considering the environmental impacts of their product line, and we offer an ever-expanding list. For example we can take an ordinary box and turn it into a cost effective reusable container with a few simple upgrades:

  • Water resistant solutions such as linex® or environmentally-friendly paint can be used to extend the life of the box and protect if from harsh weather conditions.
  • Upgraded fasteners and hardware make repeated access to the container easy.
  • Protective steel weldments will protect the refurbished container from forklift damage and shipping wear and tear.

With these upgrades in mind, Valley Box has developed several product lines that meet the needs of businesses concerned with being earth friendly:

Reusable Boxes & Solutions

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