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8 Awesome Ideas for Your Product’s Packaging

Valley Box has put together a guide of 8 Awesome Ideas for your Product's Packaging — all of which are available from the comfort of your desk chair. Not only are these ideas suitable for sensitive instruments & electronics, but also heavy industrial equipment. Here are 8 Awesome Ideas for Your Product’s Packaging:

1. Make the Package Reusable

Allowing the end user the opportunity to continue using your packaging for other purposes will continue your branding efforts.

Download PDF: Reusable Packaging


2. Add a Little Extra to Your Packaging

Add cool components such as; ramps, hinges, viewing ports, and rolling pedestals.

Download PDF: Architecture of a Box

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3. Let Your True Colors Shine Through

Dazzling colors will certainly help your packaging stand out. A painted box can be easily identified when amongst a crowd of other products (especially those of your competitor). Match the color to your branding efforts or create something with multiple colors or stencils.

painted boxes

4. Strive for Production Value

Material handling carts and fixtures are a great addition to a manufacturing or assembly line and can improve productivity & safety.

Visit our Custom Material Handling website

material handing cart

5. Add a Logo for Identity

Valley Box can make custom stencils of your logo for wood boxes and can have 4-color print plates made for corrugated boxes.

Visit ourCustom Corrugated Boxes website

litho print

6. Make it Interactive

It doesn’t have to be high-tech! People love packaging that actually does something, and when it does the packaging becomes part of the experience of using the product. Think indicators, inserts and removable pieces, and QR codes.

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7. Add Some Texture

You can add texture designs with recessed routed-out lettering, carpet, linex, paints and steel.


8. Try see-through packaging

This may not work with all products, but when it does, it works like a charm. Observation ports or holes can allow an end-user to verify contents without having to take apart the package.

Download Case Study about observation Ports

observation port

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