5 Ways Material Handling & Tooling Equipment Improve Assembly Lines

To grow a successful business and keep it that way, America’s manufacturing firms must constantly make improvements to operations. This is especially true when it comes to assembly lines. If it doesn’t operate at its best, an insufficient manufacturing line could lead to costly problems such as decreased production, substandard parts protection, increased worker accidents, and wasted floor space. Fortunately for today’s manufacturing firms, there are ways to improve even the poorest assembly lines—and it all starts with choosing the right material handling & tooling equipment.
To reap benefits when choosing material handling equipment, manufacturing companies should consider factors such as:

  • The mechanical aspects of the assembly line
  • The way the product is sized
  • The way products are handled during assembly

1. Improved Part Protection

material handlingFor example Valley Box designed a custom shipping solution for an aeronautics company that featured a multipurpose design which offered protection, stacking and easy access. With the part being 100% enclosed it offers protection for staged parts. The container is stackable, which greatly reduces relocation and floor space demands along the production line. A split lid design allows one-person loading and unloading. 

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2. Improved Inner plant logistics

assembly fixtureAnother great example is a Valley Box designed and manufactured aircraft engine stand. This stand is introduced early in the production line sequence. The steel aircraft engine stand serves multiple functions; it works as a build stand by traveling through the entire production process serving as an assembly fixtures, after final inspection the stand becomes the shipping fixture by attaching a pre-designed wood top box to the base. An added bonus is a vibration dampener housed within the steel frame.

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3. Improved Handling and Staging

assembly line cartOpting for multi-function tooling equipment for your manufacturing line is another smart move. Because these systems combine more than one function into one tool, they help eliminate the need to store excessive amounts of equipment. They also allow workers to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. This shrink wrap cart houses the heat gun needed to perform a job, allows workers to easily roll the material needed during install and stores extra tanks for convenient access.

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4. Increased Shop Floor Space

tooling rackKeep in mind that relocating parts during production can be awkward and in many cases, unsafe. Custom storage solutions have their place in manufacturing as well and can help optimize the flow of materials in manufacturing lines, enhancing inventory control, and saving floor space. Valley Box offers custom solutions such as racks, shelving, and storage carts. This hydraulic rod cart stores parts that were at one time palletized and moved by forklift or pallet jack. The vertical design allows for much more efficient space use and the casters allow for man-power relocation of parts. 

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5. Lower Workers' Comp

material handling

While tooling systems can help your manufacturing line run more efficiently and protect your parts and workers, there are still even more ways to make improvements. Consider ergonomic solutions such as pumps, hydraulics and other such electrical components as seen in the landing gear installation lift above.

According to the Ergonomic Assist Safety & Equipment Council (EASE),

“...Companies that have established ergonomics programs in their facilities are finding that such programs are good business... The bottom-line benefits they are experiencing as a result of promoting good ergonomic practices include increased productivity, improved product quality, reduced medical claims, a more stable work staff, and improved morale.”

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