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How to Maintain Low Pricing on Wood Crates

Whether you call them wood crates or wooden boxes, these durable shipping containers are the preferred choice for transporting and storing large, odd-shaped items. Besides durability and the flexibility to fit awkward items inside, wood crates are an ideal choice for companies on a budget or companies that simply want to save money.

Believe it or not, the purchase price for wood crates is actually lower than the cost for many other materials (plastics, thermo-formed, fiberglass). This helps free up funds for other things like volume shipping and transportation costs. While wood crates are typically low cost, did you know that there are ways to reduce the price even more and maintain these low prices on top-quality wood crates? 

Keep the Design Simple

wood boxes

The most common technique manufacturers and shippers use to maintain low pricing on wood crates is “keeping it simple.” It may sound odd to attempt to keep it simple when wooden crates are often used for "complex” items, but it’s not!

The average design for the exterior of a wood crate is simple by nature because the package is designed to be easy to stack, maneuver, and withstand pressure. The exterior will always be made up of four strong panels, that are uniform in shape, size, and thickness, and nailed together to create a rather simple looking but amazingly tough sides and ends. 

Sure, in some cases a company might need a custom crate. The lid, base and internal components are typically the design elements that vary from crate to crate. But because wood is easy and inexpensive to acquire and wood crates are easy to produce (even with the most unique customer measurements), manufacturing processes still require lower investments, so custom crates are still a cost-effective way to go.

Shop, Shop Shop

To maintain low pricing on wood crates, you can start by simply shopping around for the best prices. Try to acquire at least 3 quotes for every container. Prices on wood crates are very competitive, so you will likely find quite a few sources that fit the bill.

Don't forget customer service and quality should be at the top of your list too. This means, if you find a company like Valley Box that’s the whole package, stick with them!

Change Wood Grade

wood grades

Another way to maintain low prices on wood crates is to get to know the different types of wood grades, how much they cost, and their abilities. Some of the less expensive types may perform just as well as the pricier ones!

Valley Box offers low prices on custom wood crates and accessories. Our offerings include heavy duty wood boxes, knock-down wood boxes, open slat crates (ideal when shipping items bare or when full boxing is cost prohibitive), specialty spools, canted wood cradles, and more.

Our goal to keep prices on our wood crates low and customer satisfaction high, so contact a Valley Box representative today to get a free quote on your next shipping project.  Or give us a call at 866-449-2882. 

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