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Custom-Made Aerospace Packaging Cart

Valley Box specializes in helping manufacturers solve their material handling and crating challenges.



In this case the customer wanted a cart to use throughout the assembly process for their carbon fiber rocket nozzles. The manufacturing process requires several processes including layout, trimming, drilling and part handling.


The cart solution developed by Valley Box will be used as a build-stand, an assembly fixture, transport cart and for storage in between assembly processes. These carts help to facilitate the health of the overall supply chain for the aerospace programs. 


To allow operators easy access to any side of the rocket nozzle the cart has removable panels on the sides and ends. To prevent abrasion to the carbon fiber the inside surfaces of the cart have 1/4" foam padding lined with carpet.


To prevent the loss of loose parts the removable panels hang from the handle end of the cart


To consolidate space when not in use, the carts are designed to be stacked 2 high. 

To increase the life of the cart steel components were sandblaster & powder coated.



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