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How to Measure A Part When You Buy Wooden Containers


Jim Becker, a Crating Expert at Valley Box Company, talks viewers through the steps of how to measure a part when you buy wooden containers.

As crating experts Valley Box understands how important the correct information is to the development of custom packaging when you buy a wooden container.


Crating Tips:

  • L x W x H = Length, Width & Height
  • Write down measurements
  • Round measurements up (when in doubt)
  • Know the weight of your part
  • OD = Outer Dimension
  • ID = Interior Dimension

When you Buy Wooden Containers...

When you buy wooden containers from Valley Box we feel it's our responsibility to annually review your methods of packaging and identify any potential cost saving opportunities.

Learn what Valley Box can do to improve your current crating

  • Less damage claims on shipped product
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Fewer customer returns
  • Overall cost savings on crating products
  • Overall cost savings from improved efficiency

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