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Local Labs to Drop Test Your Crated Product

There are many ways a product can be damaged during transport. Some common causes are:

  • Severe impact
  • Crate design flaws or failures
  • Improper stacking resulting in crushing
  • End-user improperly handling or unpacking
  • Hidden damage from internal cushioning or bracing failure


You'll need to identify what the cause of damage may be by capturing critical data; take a photo of the damaged crated products for trouble shooting later, check damage indicators like a Tip N Tell or Shock Watch for abuse, and finally a consideration to lab test the crated product may reveal the cause of damage.

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Southern California Labs that offer testing for crated items:



Phone: 858-623-8100

Address: 10326 Roselle St. San Diego, CA 92121

About: The mission of Westpak is to provide the best possible and highest quality testing services in an environmentally friendly manner, using calibrated and well-maintained equipment at all times, conducted by test engineers that are knowledgeable, highly motivated, and well-trained.

National Technical Systems (NTS)


crated lab testing


Phone: 818-591-0776

California Locations: Culver City, Dana Point, Fullerton, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Silicon Valley

About: NTS offers a vast array of testing and certification services for product developers and manufacturers in numerous industries.

EP laboratories, Inc.(EPL)


crated lab testing


Phone: 949-387-6555

Address: 196 Technology Dr. Ste. A Irvine, CA 92618

About: EPL is an independent laboratory that specializes in testing services only. They are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and commitment.

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