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Protect Your Trade Show Crates From Theft During Transit

When heading to a trade show, it’s important to not only be sure your crate is protected from damages during transit but also that it’s safe from unwanted access. The planning and execution of the event are enough stress. No one wants to worry that their crates contents are being pilfered without their knowledge.

How can you ensure your trade show crate doesn’t tempt someone with sticky fingers?
Valley Box’s custom trade show crates with padlocks!

trade show crate with locksGo from stress and worry to confidence and safety.

We take pride in letting you relax, knowing your trade show crate is secure from theft. We can design you a custom trade show crate with a discreet exterior and padlocks that make your crate easily identifiable but doesn't attract attention with the look of valuable contents.

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It’s time to stop worrying and start working, enjoy the peace of mind knowing your crate will arrive safely with everything inside.

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trade show crates

Trade shows can be a lot of work, the planning, packing and event execution can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, Valley Box is in the business of making the packing and shipping process of the trade show painless for you and your team.

Loading, transport, set-up, and break down of the perfect booth no longer have to be difficult, it's simple if you choose the best crating solutions.

Valley Box trade show shipping crates have you covered! We’re leaders in the art of building custom trade show shipping crates that cater to your every need.

We take the time to understand your payload so all items are properly and safely protected during transit. Each crate is custom made to accommodate the many components of your company’s trade show booth.

We pride ourselves on using superior building materials and hand-selecting each piece of wood to ensure the quality will match our performance expectations. We’ve also carefully crafted a set of mandatory design requirements and can confidently stand behind our product, knowing our crates are one of a kind, tough during transit and durable enough to last for years.

Valley Box understands the importance of maximizing your investment in a trade show crate, so only the most durable materials are used in manufacturing our shipping solutions. This means, Valley Box shipping crates are made to last, so you can reuse them year after year.

Trade show crate customers are encouraged to take advantage of our variety of design enhancements that make loading and unloading more convenient:

  • 4-way forklift entry allows access to your crate from any direction
  • Ramps to assist rolling heavy items
  • Hinged doors to open the crate easily without the use of tools
  • Recessed hardware is safely tucked into the surface of the panels preventing it from being torn-off
  • Steel plates to protect from forklift & transit damage
  • Carpet, foam, or felt lining to avoid abrasion to expensive displays
  • Removable panels for easy access to display components
  • Saddles to support heavy or delicate booth components
  • Tie-downs points for the quick securing of loads

Since 1964 Valley Box has specialized in manufacturing custom wooden crates for unique, over-sized and delicate items. Since the beginning, with simple wooden containers, our product line has expanded to serve the needs of our diverse manufacturing customers.


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