15 Reasons Steel Fixtures are the Smart Choice for Material Handling

Material handling equipment is the mechanical equipment used to increase output, control costs, and maximize productivity.

Did you know that steel fixtures actually have a much longer life span than material handling fixtures constructed from wood? Here’s 15 reasons why!

  1. Steel is manufactured to strict standards of strength and consistency, so it’s strong and durable
  2. Steel is lightweight, making it easy to lift and maneuver
  3. Steel resists interior and exterior climate changes (mainly humidity which can cause other materials to expand or contract) 
  4. Steel repels rot, splits, cracks, twists, buckles, and burns
  5. Steel does not age or deteriorate like wood 
  6. Steel is highly recyclable too. In fact, steel is the most recycled material on earth, now with 100 billion pounds recycled annually. 
  7. Connectors used in conjunction with steel designs are typically stronger and more secure (i.e. screws do not loosen over time vs. nails).

    Steel resists..
  8. Corrosion 
  9. Fire
  10. Insects
  11. Mold
  12. Fungi
  13. Plant seeds and spores

    Steel Helps Business Owners Save Money...
  14. A longer life span along with minimal upkeep and maintenance costs means greater long-term savings over material handling fixtures constructed from wood. 
  15. Business owners should factor the depreciation value of long-term steel fixtures into their buying decision. Amortizing the price out over the course of 5 years will prove more cost effective than having to replace a wood fixture annually.

Steel Fixture Case Study

Steel fixtures were introduced to help streamline a hydraulic ram manufacturer’s production line. Before steel fixtures were introduced, the company stored unfinished parts on pallets spread across a large section of their production and warehouse floor. Hand trucks were required to move these pallets when traveling down the line. This method caused a log jam, which bogged down production.

Valley Box’s solution was to design and construct vertical multi-part fixtures with casters allowing for movement throughout the assembly, eliminating the need for pallets, and improving floor space and productivity.

These steel, multi-part fixtures led to a number of significant improvements in their production line and warehouse space. Specifically, the steel fixture solution:

  • Decreased the amount of space needed for unfinished parts to 47% of what was previously required 
  • Improved the mobility of the previously palleted parts 
  • Significantly decreased the handling time that was associated with the pallet method 
  • Decreased overhead costs 
  • Reduced inventory man hours
  • The company also enjoyed notable improvement in workplace safety. 

Valley Box is a manufacturer of custom material handling equipment. We can evaluate your internal operating procedures to streamline a manufacturing process. Material handling equipment allows for a specific quantity of production parts. These fixtures can be used to make your factory floor operations more efficient and reduce raw materials storage requirements.

By removing particular activities from a customer's factory floor Valley Box helps to concentrate your effort to the highest-value production activities, optimizing return on factory-floor square footage. Added Value of streamlining your internal production:

  • Improved work flow and shorter production times
  • Parts collection downtime eliminated 
  • Freeing your skilled employees for higher-value activities 
  • Cleared factory floor space 
  • Freed up capital by closely matching packaging to the manufacturing process 
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