5 Things to Consider When Looking for Machinery Relocation Services

Whether you're moving equipment from your old facility to a new one or you need to send industrial equipment off-site for special repairs, you'll need to coordinate specialized lifting equipment, the right amount of manpower, packaging, and transportation. Fortunately there are a number of machinery relocation services that fit the bill. However, finding the right service for your specific job will take a bit of understanding on your part. What this means is you should pay attention to several internal and external factors to ensure that you choose the right machinery relocation service for a smooth move.

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Consider the following 5 Tips:

1. Understanding the true size of your machinery relocation project is vital.

This will help determine the type of service you choose. Some machinery moving services specialize in small moves (several pieces of equipment), while others specialize in large to extra-large moves. This means they might specialize in moving entire facilities and hundreds of pieces of equipment.

Gather a list of the equipment and ancillary devices you plan to have relocated, we suggest using Excel. Make sure to record the dimensions, weight and any hazardous information needed for transportation services. 

Check out our post "Manufacturing Plant Relocation: Yes, Your Move Can Be Smooth!" which includes some reasons for relocating along with a helpful preparation checklist.

2. What types of equipment are you moving?

Large industrial systems and pieces may require heavy-duty machine skates, cranes, hoisting services, and the appropriate sized and equipped trucks or other moving vehicles. While small electronics such as computers and copiers may not require heavy moving equipment, they will require the expertise of everything from technology experts to electricians, as many moves require the dismantle and set-up of equipment. Large machinery moving services should be able to provide shipping by truck, rail, air or sea. This is absolutely essential if you are moving machinery equipment internationally.

3. Safety always matters.

You want your machinery to arrive to its destination in one piece right? This means, your machinery relocation service must have advanced knowledge of all safety procedures, they must be licensed and insured, and they must have a clean track record. The company must also provide you with information on which types of insurance apply to your move and what types of additional insurance are available.

4. Proper packaging is needed before the relocation.

Relocation services often work with multiple sub-contractors in order to coordinate your move. Sub-contractor will package all of the equipment prior to loading it for transport. Properly packing your equipment is essential to a smooth, streamlined relocation process. Valley Box can help. Our packaging and relocation experts will come to your facility and quickly adapt to your environment and any equipment needed to properly pack your machinery in a safe and timely manner. Valley Box offers the best custom service and we can even handle all of your shipping/freight forwarding needs!

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5. Get multiple quotes & consultations

Multiple quotes are the best way to go, no matter how big or small your machinery relocation project may be. Most machinery relocation services offer an on-site physical survey that allows the relocation expert and the person managing the move to create a plan and note any areas that require special attention (above and beyond the usual).

This will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about their service, learn more about their sub-contractors involved, and secure a contact person to help ease the relocation process.

It’s never a bad idea to shop and compare. You may find several services that sound perfect, but what will it cost you? Get at least 3 quotes to educate yourself on the process as well as make sure you're getting the best deal. 

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